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Do you know what PCR resin is?

8 de March de 2022

Extremely versatile, Post-Consumer Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate Resin, better known as PET PCR Resin, is present in several areas, such as civil construction, automotive and medical. In the packaging sector, through the Bottle-to-Bottle recycling process, PCR PET resin can be used in new packaging for food contact.


Chemically classified as a thermoplastic polyester polymer coming from the recycling of post-consumer PET packaging, the polymer is identified by the symbol ‘1’ in the plastics category, and has excellent chemical and mechanical properties for various applications.


At the international recycling seminar, Recy-Plastech 2019, it was said that by 2025, industries are expected to use more than 10 million tons of recycled plastics in new products, and PET PCR resin represents a major portion of this volume.


Why is this reuse process important?

Investing in recycled resin brings many environmental benefits

such as lower energy consumption in its production, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, reduction of plastic waste in the environment and promotion of the circular economy of plastic.


How is PCR resin obtained?

The plastic residues are separated manually and automatically according to their category, PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS and others and then ground. Then they are then washed in a chemical process to remove organic contaminants such as fat, oils and glues. For final decontamination and recovery of their properties they are processed at high temperature for melting during extrusion. Through these processes we will obtain pellets of recycled resin that can be processed again for the production of recycled packaging, such as films, bottles, bags and trays.


Valgroup, in one of its business segments, was the first Brazilian company to have the PET PCR Resin (Post Consumption Recycled) registered with Anvisa, certified for contact with food.


Using the Bottle-to-Bottle recycling technology, we are

responsible for the largest automated PET bottle recycling line in Brazil, with a processing capacity of more than 100 million PET bottles per month.

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