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Valgroup wins 1st place in FEMSA's Premium Suppliers with Assisted Reality Glasses Project
LTC: Americas' most complete transportation simulation laboratory
Deink Brasil launches new technology for recycling plastic packaging
Single-material packaging – Because in recycling, less is more
Valgroup Perforated Coils: Efficiency in Slaughterhouses
Valgroup develops project for baler films with 30% PCR
Valgroup white masterbatches for quality packaging and plastic pieces.
BagLixo Valgroup: Turning Waste into Efficiency
Comerc Energia inaugurates São João do Paracatu photovoltaic complex, and Valgroup expands its consumption of renewable power, reinforcing the commitment to sustainability
Valgroup launches a new Business Unit in the market dedicated to Digital Printing
Optimizing the supply chain to reduce food waste in retail.
Valgroup expands its operations in the caps market with the acquisition of Mirvi Brasil
Valgroup Run: Running and Solidarity
Valgroup receives award for Best Supplier of Exclusive Brands from the Pão de Açúcar Group.
Loop, the award-winning bottle from Bonafont in partnership with Valgroup
Stretch film consumption reduced by up to 70% with Valgroup machines
Otimize e valide seu processo de paletização com o Load Test Center (LTC) | Estudo de Caso: Envasadora de Água Mineral
Maximize a eficiência de seu processo de embalagem com o Lean Packaging Service (LPS) – Estudo de Caso: empresa fabricante de produtos químicos
HP300 PowerWrap: Valgroup will launch its new Automatic Machine at Fispal 2023
Valgroup is the new supplier of Tissue packaging for Bracell
Valgroup develops 1250ml bottles for yogurt in partnership with Serramar
M. Dias Branco introduces Cream Cracker packaging made with recycled plastic
Valgroup develops Shrink PCR for the new Devassa beer packaging
BIO-V: technology that accelerates the biodegradability of plastics.
Recycling: types of processes and applications
PET and its advantages
Lightweight, recyclable and sustainable: meet Shrink Life Cycle Analysis
Recicla Cidade: Promoting environmental awareness in Praia Grande
Building the Future: Valgroup's Social Commitment Journey to 2023
Hora da Leitura: cultivating children's love for literature throughout Brazil
Ecofalante Film Festival: culture and education
Production of post-consumer recycled plastic reaches more than 1 million tons
The path PET takes to reach you
How to identify recyclable packaging?
Earth Overload Day
Partnership between casa dos ventos and valgroup guarantees renewable energy for the packaging production and recycling

HP300 PowerWrap: Valgroup will launch its new Automatic Machine at Fispal 2023

The loss of products during transportation is a problem that affects most companies around the world. The main cause of this adversity is a lack of stability of pallets due to the misapplication of stretch film. Many of these problems are directly related to deficiencies in the Wrapping Machines available in the market. For this […]


Innovation, Technology and Efficiency: Wrapping Machines Valgroup

With the aim of of promoting more safety, efficiency and sustainability for business, Valgroup has created its own line of wrapping machines developed with specific technologies for the most efficient use of stretch film. Our machines help companies optimize their palletizing process, promoting efficiency, material savings, cost reduction, greater safety in transportation and consequently a […]


Qual a máquina envolvedora ideal para o seu processo? – Parte 2

Para você que acompanhou nossa última publicação, exploramos um pouco sobre as características dos processos de paletização de produtos e envolvimento com filme stretch, a fim de auxiliá-los na seleção da máquina envolvedora ideal, isto é, que promova segurança aos produtos durante o transporte, com um baixo consumo de filme stretch. Aprendemos como selecionar o […]


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